michael choi


Michael Choi

(appearing in Melbourne only)

As seen on Channel 7′s ‘Under the Hammer’ and Channel 9′s ‘Hot Auctions,’ Michael Choi IS the future of Real Estate in this country.

Frankly, Michael is generously sharing what has taken him to the absolute top of his game, and rarely have I seen as talented an ‘Outrageous Marketer’ as Michael Choi.

Rarely speaking on stages because he is too busy growing his own exceptional business, so we are honoured to have Michael joining us to share his knowledge. Click the video below for a few words from Michael on what he’ll be covering at the event.

Aaron Sansoni

Known as ‘The Sales King’ for very good reason.  Having trained salespeople around the biggest stages in the world, training on the same stages as Richard Branson and other headliners, Aaron is as good as they get when it comes to converting the leads that your marketing  has generated.

Business is a combination of both marketing and conversions, and if either one of these parts is lacking, the business suffers. Aaron will single handedly end that suffering.

He has a long trail of success stories in 4 continents and has been at the Sales and Marketing Coaching and Consulting forefront for over a decade.

Aaron has trained and coached thousands of business owners and sales professionals from across many industries, helping them break through and achieve phenomenal results.

His training has generated tens of millions of dollars for the people and companies he has coached.

More importantly for you, some of my personal coaching clients have also used Aaron, and the increase in their conversions has been nothing short of remarkable. Richard Branson (see below) chooses who he spends time with very carefully, so if Aaron’s good enough for Richard, I suspect he’s worth your time to come and see.


Aaron Shiner

(appearing in Sydney only)

Why should you see Aaron live?

  • He’s real and he’s doing it just like you every day. He is not a retired public speaker on the circuit telling ‘war stories’ from days gone by. Aaron’s career is on the rise and he wants to take you with him.
  • You’ll discover the formula for making 1000 new contacts in 90 days and keeping them. (Get this one thing right and you’re career will change forever).
  • Find out how to identify and eliminate the career obstacles preventing you from achieving your personal income, career and lifestyle goals.
  • See how Aaron’s 24 point contact plan makes sure more sellers in his area list with him than ANY of his competitors.
  • Discover the essential tools today’s ‘mobile agent’ is using to win more business.
  • Find out how you can actually grow your share of business in ANY market.
  • Get the super cool and advanced buyer management strategies that converts buyers into raving fans every time.
  • Learn how to create your own personal business plan based on unique and proven business ‘triggers’.
  • Discover the exact letter writing techniques and strategies that will help you get a better response from EVERY communication.
  • Find out how to create your own personal marketing plan to rapidly increase and retain contacts to build your Million Dollar pipeline.
  • Copy Aaron’s listing and pre listing kits to dramatically improve your chances at EVERY listing presentation.
  • Learn the REAL ESTATE SPECIFIC key secrets to becoming TIME RICH as you maximise use of your most precious resource.
  • Profit from the magic and financial power of using just 3 marketing strategies to leverage your existing resources key to personal motivation and reaching your goals.

chris colour cut out

Chris Gilmour

(appearing in Brisbane only)

Four years ago, after just 8 months in real estate Chris opened All Properties Group with 3 business partners.

For the past 2 years Chris has been a 7 figure earner (hi thrid and fourth year in Real Estate).
Chris sells 91% of every property he lists and has 82% market share of his core marketing area.If you’ve seen Chris before, brace yourself, as Chris is constantly coming up with new marketing strategies and improving old ones, and he has prepared and brand new presentation for this ‘Out of the Box’ event, as one of the originators of this ‘Outrageous’ brand of marketing.


Jet Xavier

(appearing in Sydney only)

The man with the coolest name in Real Estate joins us in Sydney as well. Jet has wowed my audiences on several occasions now and has again, for this event, going to share some breakthroughs he has been achieving in the 6 inch space between agents’ ears. He’s made it his mission to show agents not necessarily what to do, because most agents really know that, but why they do or don’t do it.

Jet’s innovative (no definitely not boring ole goal setting crud) style and techniques will get you rocking in 2013 !!


& of course, lil ole me !!

I’ll share with you many of the strategies I learned over in the states as well as my biggest learnings working in the trenches with successful clients, and ones that we took from struggling to successes and what we did to do it !!

Known internationally as the ‘Rebel Real Estate Coach’ and the original ‘Out of the Box’ guy, I promise some of the strategies I will share with you have NEVER been trained before, EVER. So this training day will NOT, I promise you, will NOT be another tired old day of same ole same ole Real Estate Training, telling you to make more calls, and get more productive, blah blah blah. No, you have NEVER heard some of these strategies before, and I can’t wait to share these ideas with you that have taken so many of my clients’ businesses through the roof !!


Download and save the PDF here for the event (and send to a friend in your office/brand, they’ll thank you.
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