ATTENTION Real Estate Agents: Are YOU Earning Only About as Much as the Average Retail Assistant?

Now, Your Real Estate Career Can Finally Put $1 MILLION or More In Your Pocket… Every Single Year…

…Without “Cold Calling,” Knocking on Doors, or Other Excruciating “Me Too” Tactics!

Dear Fellow Real Estate Agent,

Are we nearing the end for real estate agents in Australia?

If you’re working as a real estate agent, it probably feels like it. The industry has been spoiled by easy listings and high commissions for the past 10 years or so… and many agents (probably even you) thought the good times were going to last forever!

In fact, that might be exactly what attracted you to a career in real estate in the first place.

I might not know you personally, but I do know that you decided to become a real estate agent because you saw enormous potential for a lucrative and profitable career… without having to be stuck behind a desk all day or having a thankless boss breathing down your neck.

Maybe you’re a brand new agent and you’re excited about making massive commissions and enjoying plenty of time poolside with millions of dollars in the bank. Or perhaps you’ve been in the real estate industry for years, and you’ve been “riding the wave” of profits and success up until now.

Whichever the case, you’ve probably felt absolutely shocked by the massive changes that have swept across the industry in the past couple of years.

And if you’re like most agents in Australia, the high income you promised yourself now seems like just a myth… like Bigfoot or the Lock Ness monster.

Tell me if you’ve experienced any of these in your real estate career:

  • You’ve had to make hundreds of phone calls and call in a TON of personal favors just to get a client to even consider listing with you!
  • You’ve had to agree to a much lower commission than you deserve – and in some cases, almost no commission – just to get a listing contract done!
  • You end up having to pay so much for advertising and marketing that your costs almost erase all of the commissions you earn!
  • You’ve watched inexperienced, less scrupulous agents snap up listings out from under you… even though you know you could do a much better job representing the client!
  • You spend so much time marketing yourself and chasing potential clients that you have almost no time left to spend with your family… let alone enjoy the activities you once loved!
  • You’ve realised that you could make more as a retail shop assistant than you’re currently making in your real estate career!
  • You’ve thought about doing what thousands of other agents have done over the past couple of years – throwing up your hands in disgust and giving up altogether!
  • You wish you could finally find a way to become respected as a real estate agent… and get the profitable, consistent listings that would put thousands of dollars in your pocket every day!

My friend, if you’re downright frustrated with your real estate career, and you’re thinking about throwing in the towel… you’re not alone!

More than 10,000 real estate agents have left the business in the last 24 months alone… and many more will follow in the next 24 months!

And it isn’t because these people aren’t hard-working, motivated, or talented. It’s because the real estate industry has changed dramatically… but the training and advice that real estate agents follow hasn’t!

The Same Old, Tired Strategies Just Don’t Cut it Anymore!

You see, there’s been very little innovation or “forward thinking” in the real estate industry over the past few decades. New agents are being trained with the same old strategies and advice that has been accepted as “Gospel” for years… and it just doesn’t work anymore!

Let’s face it… the traditional advice that trainers typically give to agents – like cold calling, sending out postcards, and knocking on doors – might have worked a few years ago, but today it’s going to bring talented agents nothing but heartache and burnout!

And in the same vein, you’re no longer going to get by just being a “nice person” and making your services and expertise available. Being likeable just isn’t enough to secure the profitable listings you need to make your real estate career a success.


Quite simply, it’s because buyers and sellers now have much greater control than they did even in the mid-2000s. It wasn’t so long ago that a seller who decided to list her home “for sale by owner” was doomed to near-certain failure… and even if she did manage to get an offer, she would likely have to accept less than the home was truly worth just to get the deal done.

Back then, buying a home on your own wasn’t quite so simple either. It was difficult to negotiate with sellers and listing agents, work with inspectors and appraisers, and navigate the intricacies of a mortgage contract.

Today, though, that all has changed. Buyers and sellers have access to sophisticated resources that empower them to negotiate and complete real estate transactions more easily than ever. A seller can market a home, receive multiple attractive offers, and complete a sale without much effort or experience at all. And buyers can get the home of their dreams without so much as a single bit of help from an agent.

So does that mean that real estate agents like you are now obsolete?

Quite the contrary! You still have tremendous value to offer to clients!

The problem is, convincing potential clients of your value is much more difficult today than it was in the past… especially now that a TON of companies are pushing cheap products to make “do it yourself” real estate, in their minds, a no-brainer for home sellers!

So where does that leave you?

You Need a Fool-Proof System to Be Successful in Real Estate Today!

I want to tell you right now that it’s not “game over” for real estate agents. In fact, with so many agents leaving the industry today, you have a greater opportunity than ever before to massively cash in and start earning profits that you couldn’t even have dreamed of seeing just a few years back!Tom Carlin

Just ask Tom Carlin, one of the most successful agents ever to emerge in the Australian real estate market. At just 26 years old, Tom has earned just shy of $2 million in commissions… and let me tell you, he’s just getting warmed up!


Chris GilmourOr Chris Gilmour, again in his early thirties, earned over a million dollars in commissions in just his THIRD year, following this proven system.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “I could never achieve that kind of performance!” But let me tell you, you now have the opportunity to experience that kind of success and more! But only if you have access to expert training that puts your finger on the pulse of exactly what works in real estate today!

That doesn’t mean that you should just hand your money to the first person who calls himself a “Super-Star Trainer.” There are just about as many trainers out there as there are agents… and there’s probably not a day that goes by when you don’t get an email from some “guru” who promises to sell you the “keys to the kingdom.”

You need to get cutting edge training from the “best of the best”… a proven performer who:

  • Is actually in the field doing what they’re teaching (and massively succeeding at it)! It’s one thing to stand in front of agents and spout theories and ideas… but it’s quite another to get out there and prove that these strategies work! If you want to be the best… you need to learn from someone who has already done what you want to achieve!
  • Knows exactly what works in Australian real estate NOW! It’s not going to do you any good to pay someone for strategies and insights that haven’t worked since the mid-2000s (let’s face it… back then, a trained monkey could make money in real estate). You need CURRENT training, not rehashed “sound bites” that are completely irrelevant to how the industry works today!
  • Can give you a transferable, repeatable system you can start using immediately! Your trainer MUST be able to teach you a system that will work for you… not for just a select few agents.  If you were a high school athlete, you wouldn’t want someone teaching you a sprinting technique that only Olympic runners can master. You should be able to implement the system and use it time after time to achieve incredible results!
  • Offers you guaranteed results! A top trainer should be willing to “put his money where his mouth is” and guarantee that if you follow the system he teaches to the letter, you will see dramatic improvement and start making serious profits! (There aren’t many trainers who do this.)

In a moment, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can get access to the kind of training I’ve just described… current, in depth strategies that can almost immediately add thousands of dollars to your commissions and give you the power to achieve financial freedom and even become a Million Dollar Agent if you’re willing to put in the time and attention.

But before I do, let me share a little about why your success as a real estate agent is so important to me:

How I Went from “Bogan” Pub Performer to Trainer of the Real Estate Stars!

My name is Glenn Twiddle. I’m probably what you’d think of as a “bogan” (I’ve never found refinement and politeness to be particularly attractive). I was raised in a typical working family setting, and by all accounts, I wasn’t raised with the tools for massive success.

I paid the bills by performing as a singer and a guitarist in local pubs – not exactly an impressive life, but it kept the lights on and food in my belly. But I wanted more.

So, like many people with dreams of big money, I started part-time as a real estate agent. It was more of a hobby, really – I made a few deals here and there, but I wasn’t in any danger of becoming wildly successful, let me tell you.

But I had a keen interest in sorting out what actually worked in Australia’s rather turbulent real estate market. And the more I discovered, the higher my income climbed. Eventually, my real estate income eclipsed what I was making in the pubs, and I knew I had an incredible opportunity to start making superstar-level cash!

Over time, I had the good fortune to tap into the success principles of titans like Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Mal Emery, and many others. And once I started putting those principles into play, my income really started taking off!

But even as my real estate career rocketed, I knew that there were countless thousands of other agents who struggled every month to make a single sale. And I knew that if I could just teach them my system in terms that they could easily integrate into their own practices… they could escape the “average” and start earning real income for themselves!

I knew that I wouldn’t feel right teaching strategies that would only work for agents with exceptional talent and loads of experience. It had to be a step by step, easily understandable system that agents just like you could use to massively increase their earnings… no matter whether they have 10 years of experience or 10 days!

It took months to develop my system and refine it to the point where agents could just “fill in the blanks” and start closing deals within days after implementing my strategies.

But my hard work paid off… and I finally developed training that agents just like you can use to start seeing back-to-back sales and higher commissions starting today!

I’ve helped countless agents become #1 earners in their areas… even in an era when other agents are leaving the business in droves!

Just take a look at what some of the biggest names in the business have said about my training:

“Mat Steinwede describes Glenn Twiddle (NB – recently described by John McGrath as the best agent in the world)”

“…Glenn is 10/10. He’s always on the job constantly. I know all of his coaching clients have sensational success.

If you’re thinking about using him, just pick up the phone and USE HIM !!’

- Mat Steinwede
Real Estate Superstar & Author
#1 Agent in Australia

OR, watch this short 30 second video, from Mat Steinwede. This guy earns more in a month than most agents earn in a year, so if there is any doubt as to whether these techniques will work for you, watch this.


“#1 Real Estate Agent in Queensland, Chris Gilmour…..”

“I reckon Glenn Twiddle would be the Number One Real Estate Trainer in Australia.
And I’ve met a lot of trainers and I’ve been to pretty much every seminar. And he taught me everything in my first and second years and in many ways improved those things to make my business what it is today.”

Chris Gilmour
All Properties Group

“#7 RE/MAX agent internationally has his say….(click video to watch)”

Michael Spillane
#7 RE/MAX Agent Internationally (RE/MAX has over 100,000 agents – Wikipedia)

Now, it’s critical to understand that these guys don’t have some super-human selling ability hard-wired in their DNA. They’re regular guys, just like you and me… but they’ve just plugged in my training and built massive, recession-proof seven-figure incomes that are almost unheard of in this business. (well actually you HEAR of them all the time, I have seen the group certificates of some of my guys, and they are the real deal)

And right now, you have the opportunity to achieve the exact same results with your real estate business!

If You’re Ready to FINALLY Stop Begging for Listings and Start Pulling Down $300,000… $500,000… even $1,000,000 a Year or More in Real Estate…
You Need to Get in on the “Be Phenomenal Road Trip Tour” !

“Be Phenomenal Road Trip” is a full-day, intensive event where you have a rare opportunity to learn a system that can eliminate the time you’re currently wasting on outdated “traditional” techniques, and arm yourself with a step by step strategy use can immediately use to:

  • Take the guesswork and stress out of getting listings!
  • Position yourself as the celebrity real estate agent in your area!
  • Dominate your competition and have people begging to work with you!
  • Command top commissions and minimise your advertising expenses for maximum profits!
  • Lock in your status as the #1 agent in your area in just 2 years or less! (no matter where you are right now)
  • And much more!

This isn’t the same old “cookie cutter” training you can get anywhere else – when you take part in “Be Phenomenal,” you’re getting real-world strategies that work right now… but that almost none of your competitors are using!

Now, fair warning… I’m going to pack a TON of instantly actionable strategies and information into this one day program… so when you show up, you need to be ready to start filling your notebook, because you won’t want to forget a single word of this career-transforming training!

Here’s Just a Sample of What You’re Getting with
“Be Phenomenal!”!

When you make the right choice and spend your day with me:

  • You’re going to get the 7 “big rock,” career-defining ways that leading agents act, speak, and think that puts them head and shoulders above their competition. You’ll get this complete mindset and action blueprint in under 2 hours!
  • You’re going to get specific, real world strategies that the best performers in the business have used to catapult their own careers to massive six-figure success… and how they’re crushing it with their businesses today – from the agents themselves!
  • You’re going to get the exact online and offline strategies you must implement to get “quick wins” and start earning shockingly high commissions NOW!
  • You’re going to get real-world insights into using the media that is making cold calls, door-knocking, and other “old school” tactics obsolete… so that you never have to suffer through “traditional” prospecting again!
  • You’re going to get an exact blueprint to become a real estate leader with video marketing… so that you can watch your competitors struggle hopelessly to catch up from you two years from now!
  • You’re going to get the biggest “game changing” listing generator ever to hit the real estate industry… before anyone else does!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Honestly, there’s just too much information to list here… but rest assured that when you leave the event, you’re going to have a step by step blueprint you use to almost instantly double or even triple your income… even if you’ve struggled in your business for years!

But I Couldn’t Arm You with This Cash-Piling Blueprint by Myself!

As much as I’d love to have your full attention focused squarely on me for the entire ¾ day event… I knew I needed to bring in the “big guns” in order to pack all of the strategies and insights you need into just one day.

So I’ve convinced an army of the top names in the business to share their insights. No matter which city you choose to attend this revolutionary training, you’re getting recordings of ALL of these speakers when you take advantage of “Be Phenomenal Road Trip Tour”:

Glenn Twiddle
Glenn Twiddle

Real Estate marketing guru Glenn Twiddle is an energetic speaker who has helped mentor many of the top performers (Mat Steinwede, Chris Gilmour, Michael Choi, Michael Spillane, Aaron Shiner etc) in real estate in the last two years through his teachings. In fact many agents around Australia have directly attributed their success to what they learned from him.
What he’ll share with you are the exact, step-by-step strategies that he has taught agents to utterly dominate their market place and become million dollar agents. In fact Glenn will show you how to implement killer real estate strategies. Join me on facebook –
Tom Carlin
Tom Carlin

The next generation of Million Dollar Agent (or 2 Million as it is in Tom’s case) Tom Carlin at just 26 years old, is seen as the upper echelon, real estate royalty, the young gun of Australian real estate, the one person that everyone is watching to see what his next move will be, the one man that demands perfection of his team and they enthusiastically deliver day in day out!
Harcourts #1 performer in the country, this young man stands to be one of the most successful real estate agents ever produced in Australia.
Chris Gilmour
Chris Gilmour

Australia’s Fastest Real Estate Agent! Meet the guy who became a household name in real estate in his second year. And then earned over a million in comms every year since. Chris will give you ALL the short cuts you need to take of your territory very FAST.
These are the ideas and concepts you will want to copy and install into your business to quickly get more listings and make more sales. During this impressive presentation Chris shares everything from his pre listing strategy to how he conducts his open homes and these are the EXACT ideas you’ll want to ‘copy and paste’.
Daniel Hayes
Danny Hayes

A man that really needs no introduction but was probably the most accurately described by REMAX WA’s Geoff Baldwin, when he recently crowned Danny as THE “Marketing Warlord”, described by Glenn Twiddle as “The Best Real Estate Marketer in Australia Without Peer” Danny Hayes (Director, Licensee, Principal, Auctioneer & Selling Agent of the famous hayeswinckle Brand) will entertain with his charisma, his style, his stories and how that brilliant mind of his ticks, producing some of the most amazing marketing concepts the industry has even seen.
Andrew Kyriacou
Andrew Kyriacou

In the last 12 months, Andrew Kyriacou has become a celebrity in his area with a massive public relations campaign based around his viral videos. A complete ‘Outrageous Advertising’ barrage has seen sellers come to Andrew, resulting in Andrew’s famous quote

“It’s now CRIMINAL how easy it is to list property.”

Having appeared on national television no less than SIX times, Andrew has just been interviewed by Koshie from Sunrise!

Dan Richardson
Daniel Richardson

The Implementation King! Dan has taken all the principals that he has been taught by Glenn Twiddle and has applied his unique touch to them for his team at Urban Residential in SA. Dan is so confident with his Agent Marketing program that he tells his Rookies that if they follow his instructions to the letter and they still don’t succeed, that he will write them a cheque for $50,000….he hasn’t had to write a cheque yet and he is now the Director and Partner of one of South Australia’s most sought after agency, growing at a rate far beyond any of his competitors!
Ash Martin
Ash Marton

Principal to one of Melbourne’s most boutique and innovative agencies, Ash and his team have shown us some of the coolest, most cutting edge marketing ideas ever seen in real estate! The culture within the walls of Ash Marton Realty is one that most principals and business owners dream about. Regarded by their peers as the most forward thinking agents in the country, Ash brings to you his wealth of knowledge in cutting edge marketing ideas!

Aaron Sansoni
Aaron Sansoni

One of the most in demand sales trainers in the world, Aaron Sansoni, known as ‘The Sales King’, will share his business secrets normally reserved for Millionaire Mindset clients who pay him $25,000.00 a day! Recently nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year, you’ll be mesmerized by Aaron’s dynamic, down-to-earth speaking style! Considered one of the leading business authorities on the planet he has shared the stage with countless global speakers, as well as entrepreneurial business heavyweights like Richard Branson!
Edgar Natolo
Edgar Natolo

The agent chosen by SOLD Magazine as their Million Dollar Agent, Founder of one of Facebooks largest Real Estate Communities (The Real Estate Community) with a social media reach of over 1,000,000 people, Director & Principal of the Gold Coasts most successful independent agency Nat Group Real Estate, as well as being an accomplished trainer and speaker across the country! Edgar will share with you the principals and mentality you need to forge a successful business in a business culture.
Jet Xavier
Jet Xavier

Jet is a pioneer in the Real Estate industry as his training and coaching techniques bring the latest neuroscience, positive psychology and elite performance models to agents and principals helping them to create success at every level. Jet believes that success in everything you do starts with the right mindset. His philosophy is simple: ‘It’s not the dog in the fight it’s the fight in the dog that matters’. Having trained some of Australia’s highest performers across the corporate world and the professional athletic arena, there is no other man as qualified as Jet to teach you the importance of controlling the way you think!


By getting the insights, real-world strategies, and easily duplicated systems of every single one of these real estate stars… it’s like getting to visit “Be Phenomenal” in six cities for the price of one!

And You’re Also Getting this Exclusive Bonus… But Only if You Take Action NOW!

“If you absolutely needed to get a listing by the end of the day tomorrow… what exactly would you do to make it happen?”

I posed that question to every one of the “Be Phenomenal” speakers.

And to say that their responses were eye opening would be an understatement.

When you lock in your spot at “Be Phenomenal” now… I’m going to give you their exact responses.

You’ll never again be stuck without a plan for getting a listing fast!

This resource isn’t available anywhere else (or at any price)… but you’re getting it absolutely FREE with your registration today!

Why “Be Phenomenal Road Trip” Might Not Be for You…NOW!

Let me be perfectly honest here… I’d love to help every agent who has dreams of consistent listings and a fat bank account achieve their dreams. But frankly, not everyone is cut out for the intensive training and “fill in the blanks” strategies I’m unveiling at “Be Phenomenal.”

So I want to let you know if attending this game-changing event might be a waste of your time (and mine).

“Be Phenomenal Road Trip” is NOT the event for you if:

  • You’re satisfied with making mediocre income and treating real estate as a hobby instead of as a career… instead of finally achieving the financial freedom and six-figure lifestyle you deserve!
  • You’re not willing to implement a “done for you” blueprint for success… and you insist on “reinventing the wheel” instead (in other words, you want to take decades to get to your income goals… if you ever get there at all)!
  • You’re not willing to invest ¾ of a day to tap into a proven system that can add hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of dollars to your bank account over the course of your real estate career!
  • You insist on conducting your real estate business the same old, tired way it has always been done, instead of profiting by doing what works right now!

If any of these sound like you… I’m sorry, my friend, but I can’t help you. In fact, I doubt anyone can. The best advice I can give you is to come up with a back-up plan… because I have a feeling that you’re not going to be in the real estate business for very long!

But because you’re still with me, I’m pretty sure none of these apply to you. You’re looking for a simple way to make $300,000… $500,000… $1,000,000… or more every single year… without working your life away or resorting to knocking on doors or calling complete strangers.

And “Be Phenomenal” is where you’re going to find the exact system you’re looking for!

Register for “Be Phenomenal Road Trip” in the City of Your Choice Right Now!

To make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of this powerful, once in a lifetime opportunity, I didn’t just decide to offer “Be Phenomenal” in one city… I’m holding this event in SIX! So the hassles of traveling aren’t any excuse – just pick the location and date that’s best for you and lock in your spot at “Be Phenomenal-Road Trip” today!

And before I forget… there’s one more thing you need to know…

Money is NO Excuse for Missing Out!

Look, I get that if you’re struggling in your real estate career, you might not have a TON of money to throw around. There are plenty of trainers who are happy to charge you $1,000… $3,000… or more for a live training event… and they’re not going to give you even a tiny fraction of what you’re getting when you reserve your spot at “Be Phenomenal-Road Trip” today.

But I’m not doing this to make money off of you. Trust me, I make plenty off of “practicing what I preach”… so I don’t need to charge you outrageous fees to share my step by step system with you.

I’m doing this because there are tremendous opportunities in the real estate industry today… and almost no one is taking advantage of them. So I’m giving you the rare chance to become the #1 agent in your area in two years or less… but only if you’re willing to take action now!

So to stomp on each and every excuse you could come up with to pass on this exclusive training event… I’ve agreed to let you in right now for just…

just $47 (covers your morning tea and the cost of the room, barely)

So the only question left is… will you be the one to massively profit from the sweeping changes in the Australian real estate industry today?

Don’t wait another day to make the decision to take control of your income. Lock in your spot at the “Be Phenomenal-Road Trip” event nearest you now!


Tues Oct 28 – Melbourne

bayview_eden_0060Time – (rego 8:00am) 8.30am – 4.00pm
Venue – Bay View Eden, 6 Queens Road, Melbourne
Cost – $47

Wed Oct 29 – Adelaide

stamford plaza adelaideTime – (rego 8:00am) 8.30am – 4.00pm
Venue – The Stamford Plaza, 150 North Terrace, Adelaide CBD
Cost – $47

Thurs Oct 30 – Perth

nedlandsclub (3)Time – (rego 8:00am) 8.30am – 4.00pm
Venue – Nedlands Yacht Club, The Esplanade, Nedlands (near Steve’s Hotel)
Cost – $47

Tues Nov 4 – Auckland

Orakei_Bay_Time – (rego 8:00am) 8.30am – 4.00pm
Venue – Orakei Bay, 231 Orakei Road, Orakei
Cost – $47

Thurs 6 Nov – Sydney

Novotel_Sydney_ParramattaTime – (rego 8:00am) 8.30am – 4.00pm
Venue – Novotel Parramatta, 350 Church Street, Parramatta
Cost – $47

Fri 7 Nov – Brisbane

RydgesTime – (rego 8:00am) 8.30am – 4.00pm
Venue – Rydges Southbank, 9 Glenelg Street, South Brisbane
Cost – $47

Oh yeah, if you have a Glenn Twiddle “Admit Two” voucher you received with another product? Email me at or call my 24 hour, FREE recorded message service on 1300 288 655 and leave your details. My team will touch base as quickly as possible to sort out your registrations.

Wait… I’m Not Even Going to Let You Risk a Measly $47!

There’s no question that $47 is a steal for a jam-packed full day live event where you’re going to:

  • Discover the exact strategies that top-performing agents are using to crush their competition right now!
  • Hear from the highest earning producers in the business and discover exactly how they’re earning six figure and even seven-figure incomes!
  • Learn proven online and offline strategies for getting “quick wins” to accelerate your success!
  • Find out how to dominate your market with video marketing and shut out your competition!
  • Discover the biggest game-changing listing generator available today!
  • And MUCH more!

But to be honest, I wouldn’t even feel right asking you to risk just $47 of your hard-earned money.

So here’s the deal.

Spend the day with me at “Be Phenomenal-Road Trip” at the city of your choice. If you’re not completely blown away by the training you get… or you don’t feel like you’ve gotten at least 10 times your money’s worth from the exclusive, real-world strategies you’ve learned… or if you can genuinely look me in the eye and tell me you’re not thrilled for any reason at all…

I demand that you ask for a 100% refund.

But I won’t give it to you.


I’ll give you back double your investment.

That’s how confident I am that you’re going to get so much value from “Be Phenomenal,” you’re going to feel like you ripped me off by paying just $47.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose. Even if you feel like your time with me is a complete waste (and trust me, you won’t)… the worst that can happen is that you’ll double your $47.

Sound fair?

Choose your event city and lock in your spot today!

Glenn Twiddle


P.S.: In case you’re still worried about investing $47 in your real estate career today, let me break it down for you… That amount will pay for about 15 minutes with one of the “gurus” who isn’t actually using the methods he teaches. Doesn’t it make more sense to invest that amount in a powerhouse training event where you’ll get an exact, step by step money making blueprint? Register for “Be Phenomenal” right away!

P.P.S.: Slots are filling up fast for every single one of the “Be Phenomenal” event dates. So if you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, you need to get in… before your competition does!